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Vocalist of the Month: Alison Mosshart

Alison Mosshart is probably known best for her work in The Kills and The Dead Weather, the latter being one of Jack White’s bands. Yes, both she and our Drummer of the Month worked extensively with Jack White. What can I say? The man picks great musicians to collaborate with.

Mosshart formed the duo The Kills with guitarist Jamie Hince. The two produced very minimalist albums with a drum machine, inviting persistent comparisons to the White Stripes from the press. The vocalist would find herself helping Jack White out during a tour, singing lead vocals for the Raconteurs during a show because White was losing his voice. Mosshart and White formed The Dead Weather afterwards.

Mosshart’s work with The Dead Weather is simply amazing. She produces stellar vocals while completely losing herself to the music in the band’s “Live at the Roxy” videos, interacting with the audience all the while. She perches on an amp at the front of the stage and sings directly to the people in the front row. If one asked Mosshart if she ever got stage fright, she’d probably reply, “Stage fright? What’s that?” Just watch and see how awesome she is.