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The Babes

“The Babes are a group with four members: Izera as the frontman, Donna D on lead guitar, Danger Dave on bass, and Moni Lashes, a Hit Like a Girl contestant, on drums.” They describe their music as “sexy, gutsy rock.”

Photo by Ryan Anthony Martin

Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Part 1 and Part 2

“Danielle is a singer-songwriter with a very strong Internet fan base. She plays ukulele and guitar, and she gave me so many great answers that I’m putting her interview into two parts.” The first part features Danielle talking about her influences and approach to songwriting, and the second part features her talking about her decision to be an independent musician and the practicalities of doing so.

Hearts Under Fire

“With Mary O’Regan on bass and lead vocals, Nicky Day and Kat Upton on guitar, and Lexi Clark on drums, [this] UK-based group plays a great mix of pop-punk and punk rock. Hearts Under Fire took some time to tell me about how they started their band, the other instruments they play, and weird reactions from audiences at their gigs.”

Jeanne Marie Boes

“Jeanne Marie Boes, based in New York City, is a pianist and singer-songwriter. She talked to me about pianists and singers who have inspired her, the songwriting process, and how she came to compose for short films.”

The Madeline Rust

“The Madeline Rust are based in Nottingham, England and play music heavily influenced by the ’90s grunge rock scene. Lucy Morrow plays bass and fronts the band, Aly McNab plays guitar, and Martin Syvret plays the drums. The band took some time to tell me about their day jobs, their decision to not promote the band as “female-fronted,” and Aly’s struggles with arthritis.”

Photo by Jacob Fishel

New Myths

“New Myths weave electronic dance elements with fuzzy guitars and fantastical haunting melody lines. This 3-piece indie/rock outfit is the culmination of drummer Rosie Glassman, guitarist Britney Boras and bassist Marina Ross.”

Payton Taylor

“Payton Taylor…plays drums, bass, piano and keyboard. She even sings! The part that makes her even more impressive is that she’s 10 years old.”

The White Noise Supremacists

Iféoluwa Babalola produces her own music, sings, and plays drums, bass, and guitar. She talked to me about topics like racism in the music industry, feminism, and recording her new album.

Zoe Ann

Zoe Ann sings and plays keyboard and guitar. This singer-songwriter has already signed a publishing deal and been sponsored by Manic Panic NYC. She talked to me about the inspiration for her songs, her preferences for performances, and her musical dreams.

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