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Interview Agreement

I interview most artists by sending them questions through email or Facebook and having them fill out answers and send them to me. If you are based near me and a face-to-face interview is a possibility, I’ll let you know.

After an artist has accepted an invitation to be interviewed, I’m going to ask her/them to read and agree to these terms. (If you want to be interviewed, post your music in the comments or on our Facebook page.) They’re pretty simple, and if you don’t like one of the terms, feel free to let me know.

1. You will let me know if you are uncomfortable with answering any of the questions that I ask you. I’d hate to ask a question that rubs someone the wrong way. Please let me know if I do instead of just leaving your response blank.

2. You will do your best to get your responses to me within a week of my sending you interview questions. If your circumstances are keeping you from doing so, you will let me know.

3. I reserve the right to edit your responses for spelling and grammar mistakes that could interfere with a reader’s enjoying the interview. (This will prevent nitpicky people like me from not really taking in a response because somebody used “effect” when they should have used “affect,” for example.)

4. I reserve the right to edit out or censor curse words and inappropriate language if they distract from a response. (To use an example where cursing was okay, this interview with Danielle Ate the Sandwich had a curse word that I felt was appropriate because it expressed her true feelings about dealing with record companies.) If an artist is cursing or using insulting language that doesn’t add to the interview at all, I may choose to take out that part of the response. If you’re being really hateful, I might decide not to feature you after all. Please check out the interview disclaimers.

5. I also reserve the right to mark your interview as “appropriate for ages 16 and over” if I feel it’s necessary. I have quite a few family members supporting this zine, and one of my first interviews was with a ten-year-old drummer, so I want to keep at least some parts of the zine family-friendly and give a warning when some parts definitely aren’t.

6. I should send you a preview of what your interview will look like before I publish it, so you can approve any changes. If I don’t send you a preview before publishing the interview, you will call me out on it and tell me if there’s anything you want fixed. Once you receive your preview, you will tell me if any changes I may have made bother you and I will work to fix them.

7. I might make a last-minute change right before publishing an interview because I noticed that I worded the introduction oddly, left out a link, or missed a spelling mistake earlier. If you object to a change for whatever reason, you will let me know and I will fix it.

8. If you like your interview, you will post it on your website or Facebook, because I love it when people promote my zine.

Again, post your music in the comments or on the Facebook page to get an invitation! While you’re at it, check out the interview qualifications too.

Can’t wait for your interviews!